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IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan in 2012

Oyaji Project  January to February 2012
Properly titled the Oyaji no Ibasho project (A Place for Old Guys)
IDRO Japan provided the skilled labor to assist a local carpenter in the
assembly of a traditional post and beam building in
Kugunari-Hama on
Oshika peninsula, Miyagi prefecture.  The Oyaji house is a
multipurpose community space used by locals to meet and do things as
was done before the disaster, radio courses, scrimshaw etc.  It stands
currently as one of the only traditional Japanese structures in the
area, and serves as a symbol of the resilience of Japan and its
coastal communities.

Koba Project  February 2012
This project put in floors, windows, sided and insulated a metal frame
structure which would be used as a packaging facility and home for
workers during the busy
wakame (seaweed) harvest, and provide a base
for volunteers in the off season.  The siding was provided by
supporters of Caroline Pover.

Sudachi House Project  February to March 2012
This project re-built the living room and kitchen of a house in
Sudachi which was once gutted by the wave, and then again by the
devastating Typhoon 15.  It has since provided shelter on numerous
occasions for volunteers visiting the area.

Nagatsura Gyokyo Project  February to March 2012
IDRO Japan, together with a bunch of Marines from Iwakuni Air Base and some
volunteers from
INJM built a multipurpose free-standing building for
the fishermen at
Nagatsura, a town that was completely wiped out,
without one usable building left standing.  Here they can set up a
temporary office and have a place to store their nets and fishing
equipment out of the elements.

Izushima June to October 2012
Coordinating with Habitat for Humanity Japan, pre-cut kits called
Universal Building Blocks were chosen for multipurpose storage and
work units on the neglected island of
Izushima off the coast of
Onagawa, Miyagi prefecture.  IDRO Japan, acting in a supporting role,
providing 800,000 yen of the unit costs.  While
IDRO Japan was operating in
Habitat organized teams of volunteers coordinating with locals
to help set the structures in place, the last of ten units being
finished in October.
IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan and INJM assisting in Kyushu

September 1st, 2012 - The Kyushu region of Japan (south-west island) experienced torrential rainfall from 12th to 16th July 12th to 16th, 2012, resulting in over 30 deaths, extensive flooding, landslides and evacuations. 400,000 people had to be evacuated to safer areas.

IDRO Japan teamed up with It's Not Just Mud and Open Japan to provide relief help to the region. INJM and IDRO Japan have been cooperating on numerous projects in the Tohoku region, and assembled a team of experienced volunteers to assist in Kyushu. INJM members departed the Tohoku region on Thursday, July 19th, and met up with Rob Mangold of IDRO Japan in Kyoto on Friday. After a night's rest, they continued their journey down to Kyushu. The volunteers made it to the flooded region on Saturday and began assisting in the clean-up. IDRO Japan volunteer Chiharu Hamu said, "Today, we worked at Tamakuni. The landslide demolished half of a house! We got mud out, removed trees, and cleaned the floor! Heavy work but all the volunteer members were amazing! IDRO and INJM together again, too!!

IDRO Japan together with INJM and Open Japan established a volunteer base camp in a remote area near Hiita and Aso City and spent one month clearing debris and coordinating the work of technical volunteers.

IDRO Japan:

  • organized hundreds of volunteer hours.
  • Provided tooling, equipment and food for volunteer groups active in the area.
  • Cleared roads, bridges, rivers, irrigation canals, and houses of mud and debris in dozens of locations.
  • Reinforced our policy of working with and developing links with other groups in order to maximize potential.

IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan receives donation from MasterCard APMEA

October 15th, 2011- IDRO Japan received a significant donation from MasterCard APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa) on October 14th. IDRO Japan’s director, Rob Mangold, travelled to MasterCard’s Japan office in Tokyo to participate in a ceremony where IDRO Japan was presented the donation by Mr. Vicky S. Bindra, President of MasterCard APMEA. During the ceremony ASHIGNAGA Group, one of Japan’s largest NPOs was also presented with a donation. In addition to Mr. Bindra, the ceremony was attended by Mr. Ajay Banga, Global President of MasterCard, and Mr. Robert Luton, President of MasterCard Japan.

IDRO Japan MasterCard APMEAより寄付を授与
IDRO Japan は、10月14日、MasterCard APMEA (アジア太平洋・中東・アフリカ) より寄付金を授与しました。
IDRO Japanのディレクターであるロブ・マンゴールドは、東京にあるMasterCardのオフィスの授与式にて、MasterCard APMEA社長のヴィッキー ・S・ビンドラ氏より、寄付金を授与しました。また、同式典で、日本最大のNPOの1つ、あしなが育英会も寄付を授与をしました。式典には、 ビンドラAPMEA社長と共に、MasterCard Global のアジェイ・バンガ社長、MasterCard Japanのロバート・ルプトン 社長も、出席されました。

IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan's summer work camp in Tohoku
September 1st, 2011 - IDRO Japan sponsored a 7- week work camp in Tohoku from July 15th to August 30th, bringing together more than 50 volunteers to Tohoku to work in coordination with several organizations including IDRAC, Nippon Zaidan, RQ, Peace Boat and the people at Kizuna, the Volunteer Base Camp in Ishinomaki City. IDRO Japan volunteers worked on three islands, Kinkazan, Aji, and Nekojima and a score of coastal communities on the Oshika and Ogatsu peninsulas including, Funakoshi, Koamikura, Kobuchihama, Ohara, Sudachi and Onosaki. In addition, IDRO Japan also sent a dozen members for flood relief to Kaneyama-cho, Fukushima after the early August floods.

During the 7 weeks work camp, IDRO Japan accomplished the following:
  • Tore down dangerous buildings in several communities;
  • Cut down and disposed of trees killed by salt poisoning;
  • Cleared kilometers of coastline of debris in every community;
  • Repaired and re-built the Shrine Gates in Onosaki in time for the annual September 9th festival;
  • Repaired furniture for private homes in Onosaki;
  • Replaced glass and screen and repaired doors and windows in several communities;
  • Removed and rebuilt floors in dozens of homes;
  • Replaced the siding on one oyster processing facility, now being used;
  • Removed tons of mud and debris from various locations;
  • Re-set stone monuments and repaired buildings of Koganeyama Shrine;
  • Distributed mosquito nets, mosquito coils, insect repellant, over the counter medicines, water and a multitude of other daily necessities;
  • Raised awareness and understanding through smiles and hard work of the growing internationalization of Japan, and perhaps changed the lives of the 50 plus volunteers who came to work with us as well.

IDRO Japanの夏の東北支援活動キャンプ
IDRO Japanは、2011715日から830日までの7週に渡り東北支援のためのキャンプ活動を行い、50名以上の有志が東北に集い、IDRAC、日本財団、RQ、ピース・ボート及び、石巻市内のボランティア活動拠点の「絆(きずな)」のスタッフ等々の様々なグループの方々と協力しながら、支援活動を行いました。IDRO Japanのボランティア活動は、金華山(きんかさん)・網地島(あじしま)・田代島(通称、猫島)の3島、及び、牡鹿・雄勝の両半島沿岸の、船越(ふなこし)・小網倉(こあみくら)・小渕浜(こぶちはま)・大原(おおはら)・鹿立(すだち)・尾ノ崎(おのさき)をはじめとする多数の集落など、さまざまな地域で行われました。また、IDRO Japanは、8月初頭の洪水後の支援活動のため、福島県金山町に12名のボランティアを送ったりもしました。
IDRO Japanの、7週間の活動期間の成果は、
* 複数集落で、半壊して危険な状態となった建物家屋の解体作業。
* 津波による塩害で立ち枯れになった樹木の伐採。
* 訪れた全ての集落で、何にもわたる海岸線に打ち上げられた、ガレキ・漂流物の撤去、清掃作業。
* 尾ノ崎の神社の参道の鳥居を、9月9日の秋祭りに向けて、修復・再建。
* 尾ノ崎の個人宅にて、壊れた家具の修理・修復。
* 複数の集落で、ドアや窓を修理し、ガラスや網戸を設置。
* 何十件もの家屋の床板の張り替え。
* 牡蠣加工施設の羽目板の張り替え。(現在加工場として使用中)
* さまざまな地域で、何トンにも及ぶ泥や瓦礫の撤去。
* こがねやま神社の、地震で傾いていた石碑を元の位置に戻し、社(やしろ)を修繕。
* 蚊帳、蚊取り線香、虫除け、市販薬、飲料水、その他多数の日用品を寄贈。
* 笑顔と活動を通じて、日本のいっそうの国際化に対する、関心と理解を促し,
* そして、望むらくは、共に活動した50人余の有志の人の人生を変えることが出来たのではないか、と。

IDRO Japan receives cards of support from Konan Elementary School

IDRO Japan
would like to thank Ms. Yamaguchi's 2nd grade class at Konan Elementary School in Sumiyoshi, Kobe for their beautiful cards of encouragement. Ms. Yamaguchi introduced her students to IDRO Japan as an example of the international support Japan had been receiving in the wake of the March 11th disaster. These handmade cards made by the students have been very uplifting for the volunteers of IDRO Japan. Thank you to Ms. Yamaguchi and her students at Konan Elementary School.
IDRO Japan News

IDRO Japan's Water Heaters for Tohoku project

September 1st, 2011: IDRO Japan has launched a new project to provide on-demand hot water heaters for baths in the Tohoku area. Many of the hot water heaters in private residences in Tohoku are unusable due to exposure to sea water. IDRO Japan is raising funds to provide at least 50 households with water heaters by winter. To participate in this project please us at

IDRO Japanは東北に給湯器を届けたい
IDRO Japanの次なる取り組みは、東北の必要としておられるお宅に風呂用湯沸かし器を届けるというものです。被災地では、個人宅の温水器の多くは、津波による海水に浸かり、使えなくなってしまっています。IDRO Japanは、冬が来るまでに、少なくとも50台以上の給湯器を寄付したいと考え、基金を募りたいと思います。現在既に3台の給湯器を送りました。この取り組みにご協力いただける方がおられましたら、何卒、 まで、ご連絡のほど、よろしくお願い申し上げます。
IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan's Window Project Update
June 16th, 2011 - IDRO Japan Director, Rob Mangold, is in Tohoku working with Team Sake and other local volunteers.  Together they replaced the 18 windows at Funakoshi Elementary School.  They are also helping to build a community bathhouse for the Funakoshi community.  

Rob also met up with Owen Smith who has been volunteering on behalf of
IDRO Japan for the last week.  Owen has been helping in the canoe project, clearing debris from the local bay.  The volunteers are using canoes and kayaks to better maneuver around the rocky coastline. 
IDRO Japan News
OKUMURA GLASS repairs glass windows for Funakoshi Elementary School
June 10th, 2011- This morning IDRO Japan Director, Rob Mangold, picked up 18 windows for Funakoshi Elementary School.  Okumura Glass repaired the frames, re-sealed, and glazed the windows for just the cost of the glass.  This will make a lot of people happy up north, THANK YOU OKUMURA-SAN!

IDRO Japan volunteers and members of Team Sake will convoy North on Monday June 13th, stopping in Oshika to check on volunteers Owen Smith and Yoshimura-san before going to Funakoshi to replace the windows in the local elementary school. In Funakoshi IDRO Japan and Team Sake will take part in a town meeting to decide the direction of recovery efforts the town will take over the summer.

6月13日月曜日 IDRO Japan 窓ガラスプロジェクトーー船越の小学校に窓ガラスを!!
東北への次なる旅の出発を目前にして、今朝、船越小学校へ運ぶべく、IDRO Japanのバンの後部に18枚の窓枠の積み込み作業が行われました。この写真は、奥村ガラス店の前で撮影されました。奥村さんは、18枚の窓枠のゆがみを矯正したりシーリング補正をし、ガラスをはめ込んでくれたりという、これらの修理をガラス代だけでやってくださいました。東北の人たちは、きっと喜んでくれることでしょう。ありがとう、奥村ガラス店さん!!!

IDRO JapanTeam Sakeのメンバーは、東北へ向かうことになりました。予定では、まず牡鹿半島でオーウェンと吉村さんに会って情報交換をし、それから船越の小学校へ行き、修理した窓を取りつけることになっています。(窓は、目下、IDRO Japanの友人であり、京都にある、「奥村ガラス店」で修理中です。)その後、IDRO JapanTeam Sakeは船越町で夏の間の復旧活動の方向性を決めるためのミーティングに参加します。
IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan's
Director featured in Sankei Shinbun newspaper article
IDRO Japan's Director Rob Mangold was recently featured in an article in the May 21st edition of the Sankei Shinbun Newspaper. To read the article, please click here...
Reports from IDRO Japan volunteers
IDRO Japan can assist individuals or groups of volunteers who wish to help out in Tohoku. Please contact us at
IDRO Japan は東北を支援したいと考えている人やグループを応援しています。idrojapan@gmail.comまでご連絡下さい。

June 10th - IDRO Japan volunteer Owen Smith is currently volunteering with local residents on the Oshika Peninsula working in Kobuchi Hama, which will be the main facility used by the local fishing cooperative. Owen is helping to clear debris from the breakwater in order to ready the port for returning to business.

610 - IDRO Japanのボランティアであるオーウェン・スミスは、現在牡鹿半島で地元住民の方とともに 小渕浜のがれき撤去作業を行っています。小渕浜港は今後、牡鹿半島の漁業組合のハブ的施設となる計画です。オーウェンは現在、小渕浜港か操業を再開するめどをつけるための前段階として、防波堤のがれき撤去作業を手伝っています。

June 4th - IDRO Japan volunteer Andrew Morris travelled to Tohoku to volunteer on Aji-shima Island from June 1st to June 9th, volunteering with local residents. He helped tear down a destroyed home and said that there is plenty of work and he was never at a loss for what to do next.  During his time in Tohoku, Andrew kept busy digging out the drainage system, cleaning the waterfront, tearing down dangerous or damaged buildings and walls, and all in cooperation with local residents. Andrew said, "The funny thing is I felt like I was the one being taken care of."

64 - IDRO Japanのボランティアであるアンドルー・モリス は、6月1日から9日まで、網地島で地元住民の方々とともに、復旧活動を手伝いました。 アンドルーは、現在壊れた家屋の取り壊し活動をおこなっており、することは次から次から出てくるので、仕事に事欠くことはないとのことです。アンドルーは東北滞在中、排水溝の泥かき、防波堤のがれき撤去、被害を受けて危険な状態になっている建物・塀や壁の取り壊し作業などあらゆる活動を精力的に、地域住民の方々と協力して行いました。アンドルーは、「奇妙なことに(私がお世話をしに行っているにもかかわらず)、私自身がお世話をしてもらっているような気持ちになった」と言っています。

IDRO Japan News
Bring and Buy event raises 170,000 yen for IDRO Japan

May 28th, 2011 - Michael Lambe of Deep Kyoto and Sheila Campbell of IDRO Japan organized a Bring and Buy event on Saturday, May 28th, raising 170,000 yen for IDRO Japan. Many people came out in the rain to support IDRO Japan and also to possibly go home with a new found item, or items. Please click here to read more...

イベント「Bring and Buy」で、170,000円の募金が集まりました
ディープ京都( Deep Kyoto )主催のマイケル・ラム(Michael Lamb)氏と、IDRO Japanのシーラ・キャンベル(Sheila Campbell)さんが、20011年5月28日(土)「Bring and Buy」という、皆が出品物を持ち寄って行うバザーを開催しました。どしゃ降りの雨にもかかわらず、IDRO Japanを支えるため、そして掘り出し品を家に持って帰るために、多くの方々に足を運んでいただきました。ありがとうございました。
Please click here to

IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan delivers washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves and electric fans to Tohoku

May 24th, 2011 - IDRO Japan volunteers loaded a 2 ton truck with 21 washing machines, 16 refrigerators, 12 microwave ovens, and electric fans for delivery to the Tohoku region. All the items were purchased from local recycle shops with donated funds. IDRO Japan's Director Rob Mangold drove the load up to Tohoku distributing the goods to those living in temporary housing.

4IDRO Japan遠征:被災地に洗濯機・冷蔵庫・電子レンジ・扇風機などを届ける。
2011524日。IDRO Japanの有志が集まり、東北の被災地に運ぶための洗濯機21台、冷蔵庫16台、電子レンジ12台、扇風機を2tトラックに積み込みました。これらの家電品は全て、京都市内のリサイクルショップで購入し、費用は皆さんから寄付していただいたお金でまかなわれました。ロブ・マンゴールドは、このあと、これらの家電品を被災地の仮設住宅で暮らしている人たちに届けるために、東北へと運転してゆく予定です。

IDRO Japan News
IDRO Japan's third relief trip to the Oshika Peninsula
May 6th, 2011- Eleven volunteers from IDRO Japan have returned from IDRO Japan's third relief trip to Tohoku. IDRO Japan, working with the Nippon Foundation and Human Shield, assisted the Oshika Fishing Cooperative on the Oshika Peninsula in collecting scattered fishing equipment and clearing debris from the area's beaches.

Read more about this and other relief trips, on the
IDRO Japan blog.

3IDRO Japan遠征:牡鹿半島を支援する
201156日。第3回東北支援遠征から、IDRO Japanの11人のボランティアが戻ってきました。IDRO Japanは、日本財団及びヒューマン・シールドといっしょに、牡鹿半島にある牡鹿漁業共同組合の協力を得て、漁具の回収作業と被災した浜辺のがれき撤去作業を行いました。
さらに詳しい内容は、 IDRO Japan blog. をクリックしてお読み下さい。